Alastor Connelly

Focused Practitioner with Little Fallen Angel Oomph


Template: Focused Practitioner
High Concept: Conflicted Denarian
Trouble: Don’t Cross Me

Other Aspects
We could all use a little change.
Fear is a powerful motivator.
Fishy Business
I’ve hag enough of this

+5 – Discipline, Convisction
+4 – Lore, Presence
+3 – Endurance, Guns
+2 – Alertness, Investigtion
+1 – Deceit, Rapport

Stunts & Powers
-3 – Evocation (fire, Water, Light)
+1 – Item of Power (Denarian Coin) *
-2 – Sponsored Magic (Hellfire) *
-1 – Wizard’s Sight

Fire Specialization
Ring that gives +1 Control/Power to Light Spells

Physical 0000XXXX
Mental 0000XXXX
Social 0000XXXX

Base Refresh – 8
Adjusted Refresh – 3


Where did you come from?
Alastor is from England, growing up in a well to do family. The gift came to him early and he was rather talented with it. He didn’t get into much trouble up until he was offered some spare change…

What Shaped you?
Alastor had moved to Portland, mostly just for a change of scenery. He had a few friends, but none of them very noteworthy. The closest person to him was a woman named Tabithia. He quickly fell in love with her, the feeling becoming mutual. After he received his troublesome coin, it brought a lot of fire around him. Due to the increased animosity from the Knights of the Cross, Tabithia left out of fear. Alastor tried to stop her but she was somehow swallowed up by the magical world, despite her attempted fleeing. He blames himself and this just further caused him to accept the coin’s pull.

The Story: What was your first adventure?
Alastor was just starting to get used to the coin. Lasciel wasn’t exactly evil, persay. She was definitely devious. She told him that it would be best to look for Tabithia down by the docks. He thought that was a pretty good idea too. He didn’t expect to run into these weird fish people. He questioned her why she would send him into obviously hostile territory. She merely told him that his new abilities needed to be tested. Test his abilities on fish people? Really?

Guest Star
Alastor had seen the mysterious package delivered and knew it looked weird. His Sight told him something was definitely off about that package. He decided to follow the man to the place he was asked to go to. Lo and behold, there was a supernatural attack. By a nasty old hag no less. A lance of fire quickly tore the hag’s arm apart at the elbow and he moved forward to further offer assistance, “Hags truly are disgusting, aren’t they?”

Alastor Connelly

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