Liam Hill

Mortal Human - The Societies Agent


High Concept: The Societies Agent
Trouble: Bit off more than I can chew
Other: Don’t Let the Suit Fool Yuh, Bogey Man of the Old World, A Threat a Day keeps the Monsters at bay, My Knives Tell the Story,One Step Ahead

+4 – Fists, Endurance
+3 – Athletics, Conviction, Resources
+2 – Rapport, Investigation, Contacts, Alertness
+1 – Empathy, Stealth, Presence, Driving, Guns

Stunts and Powers
-1 Knives up my sleeves – Use Fists for Throwing knives
-1 Eskrima/Kali – +1 when using dual weapons(non guns) or +1 to disarm
-1 The Name Says it All – For creatures/people that know me, use repport instead of Intimidate
-1 Society Resources – +4 Resouces w/ Fatepoint for using the Societies resources
-1 To Tough to Kill – 2 extra Mild Consequences
-1 Concentrate – +2 Investigate but delayed a round from actions other than dodge

Physical – OOOOXXXX

Fate Points
Base Refresh – 8+2
Adjusted Refresh – 4


Growing up I was just a normal kid, had friends, played sports, even dated a few girls in school. Clearly though I had a knack for something, getting caught up in strange business. I never knew why the Occult and weirdos always ended up on my doorstep but hey, guess that’s one reason “the Society” wanted me in their ranks.

Rising Conflict
That knack for getting caught up in the strange, well it gets me in more trouble than you can shake a stick at. I have had a fair number of cases where I have had to put some nasty demon or some two bit fairy trash in its place; in fact its kind of made me infamous in the Occult world laugh in fact Im sure they have plenty of hit men of their own hunting down the Bogeyman of theirs.

My First Adventure – A Knight to Remember
When trouble starts stirring up in the Fairy Court annual “peace” conference, Liam knows how to set the occult in their place, but what will he do now that the fairies know his name and they aren’t quit as afraid as he would hope?

Three Weeks pass and this Liam character is a strange one indeed, belonging to the Society he goes out of his way to protect the human race, no matter how good or evil they may be what matters to the society is human preservation and what matters to him is following the Society’s values.

A day before the annual peace conference Shaozu passes the information on the “Boogie Man of the Old World” to his customer, a patron of the Fairy court, leaving with a cocked eyebrow and a cackle resounding behind him.

The day of the Annual peace Conference Shaozu makes himself plainly visible to Liam making sure to capture eye contact with him for a brief second before disappearing into the crowd.

Guest Star in – You never Really Know Someone
HAOZU – When told to do a hit on a summer court liaison, Shaozu stakes out the target for many days before pursuing his target, stealthily and quietly everything seems to be going according as planned till the moment the Liaison disappears. Moments later the Liaison appears behind Shaozu…

This Summer court Liaison is not happy seeing the killing instruments in Shaozu’s hands and decides that this little Menace is better off Dead… slight tap tap at the door causes the man to turn seeing a man in Black standing there with a blade in his hand. Liam points to the door indicating for the Liaison to leave…the man rushes out the door leaving Liam and Shaozu in a stare down….

Guest Star Redux
When Zhe Yu arrives to america, smuggled on a triad ship, hoping to start a new life with a TCM clinic in the country of opportunity, but the triads has other plans for him when he arrives.
He hopes to leave his past behind, but what will happen if his family finds him? or if the triads feel he owes them?

Little does Zhe Yu know, but his family already knew where he was going due to its connections with the Triad. Liam was given an assignment to dispatch of the Assassin sent to “return” Zhe Yu home. The Assassin wasn’t the only killer in the shadows that night…and Zhe Yu is still living in Portland as a Doctor

Liam Hill

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