Nikolos Lightfoot



High Concept: Scion of Hermes
Trouble: Blahhhh
Others: “Fit Right in With the Weirdos”, “Quick to Speak, Quick of Feet” , “Stranger Danger!”, “You Have My Sword”, -


Great(+4): Alertness, Athletics, Might
Good(+3): Conviction, Endurance, Weapons
Fair(+2): Discipline, Contacts, Lore
Average(+1): Presence, Rapport, Stealth

Stunts & Powers:

-2 Inhuman Speed
-1 Marked By Power
-2 Inhuman Strength
-2 Channeling(Spirit/Force)
+2 Item Of Power(Winged Shoes of Hermes): Grants Inhuman Strength & Channeling


Physical:  OOOOXXXX
Mental:     OOOOXXXX
Social:       OOOXXXXX

Fate Points:

Base Refresh: 8
Adjusted Refresh: 3


Background: Where did you come from?

Associated Aspect: Fit Right in With the Weirdos
Nikolos Lightfoot was raised by his single mother in a small town in Oklahoma. Small towns being how they are, there was constant talk of who and where Nikolos’s father was. Being an extremely “energetic” child also kept him from staying out of the spotlight for too long, so Nikolos took to sports as an outlet. A natural athlete, he surpassed all of his peers, especially when running was involved. All was going well until he reached his teenage years. His inhuman speed fully manifested itself in front of at least half of the town. Fearing how the town might react, Nikolos’s mother explained some of the supernatural world to him and said he must go into hiding. She sent him to stay with old “in the know” friends in Portland, where he finally felt at home.

Rising Conflict: What shaped you?

Associated Aspect:

The Story: What was your first adventure?

Title: A Little Black Box
Guest Starring: Alastor Connelly
Associated Aspect: Stranger Danger!
As his business grew steady, he started receiving stranger requests. Late one night, he heard a knock at his door. When he opened the door, he found a small black box on his porch. Attached to it was a note detailing where it was to be delivered, and an envelope containing no small sum of cash. Not thinking twice about it, he followed the directions to a sewer grate on a secluded road. Confused and frustrated, he began pacing, looking for who the delivery might be for. That’s when heard the sound of the grate sliding across the street, and the cold, damp hand of a Hag clamp down on his leg. The money started to look like it was not quite enough.

Alastor had seen the mysterious package delivered and knew it looked weird. His Sight told him something was definitely off about that package. He decided to follow the man to the place he was asked to go to. Lo and behold, there was a supernatural attack. By a nasty old hag no less. A lance of fire quickly tore the hag’s arm apart at the elbow and he moved forward to further offer assistance, “Hags truly are disgusting, aren’t they?”

Guest Star: Whose Path Have You Crossed?

Title: Mentalist in training
Whose Story? Dr. Strange
Associated Aspect: You Have My Sword.
Dr. Strange decided that he wanted to live among the humans to…….study them. Once he got there he started noticing that the people he watched and studied were disappearing. A Warden by the name of Jimmy approached him and said if he found out and took care of the problem, he would be a warden. After a couple days of Psionic investigation he happened upon the takers – white court vampires.

Nikolos had a nagging feeling that someone was watching him whenever he went out on deliveries. He started thinking he was just being paranoid, until he noticed someone matching him step-for-step. Even with his inhuman speed, he could not lose the follower. Unnerved and lost, the follower cornered him in an alleyway. As the person approached him, Nikolos caught a glimpse of scornful, pale grey eyes. A Vamp. White Court, no less. He had a feeling that if they put this much effort into chasing him, whatever they had in mind would not be good for is health. That’s when he realized he heard a second pair of footsteps, these coming from a short distance away. another figure rounded the corner of a building and turned to face the pair. The new figure immediately attacked Nikolos’ assailant. He considered taking the opportunity to run for his life. But what kind of person would that make him? “You can’t always run from everything,” he muttered to himself. With a heavy sigh, he drew his sword and turned to help this Strange man.

Guest Star Redux: Who Else’s Path Have You Crossed?

Whose Story?
Associated Aspect:

Extended Bio

Nikolos’s Greek Kopis-style sword
Nikolos' Greek Kopis

Nikolos Lightfoot

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