Emissary of Power - Quan Yu


High concept: Quan Yu’s Quan Dao
Trouble: Inkheart
Other: Murky water, Hand that Feeds, Green Horn, Leeching Shadows, Zodiac Roullete

(caries by animal form)

Stunts & Powers
-4 true Shapeshifting
+2 Human Form: Involuntary Change
-1 Diminutive Size
-1 Claws
-2 Breath Weapon: Lightning Dragon
-2 Hulking Size
+1 Limited True Shapeshifting (Zodiac Animals only)

Base – 8
Adjusted – 1


China, Hong Kong, Triads.
My only family ties were to the Triad Mob Lord, Lee Sin and my personal Valet, Jiao Mu. Lee Sin treats me as a commodity, JIAO MU treats me like a son. I was educated by Jiao Mu in the finer things in life a true college education but without the consent of Lee Sin. I had no friends. From the ages of 5-13 I got into “trouble” where as trouble in Lee Sin’s eyes meant anything that wasn’t gang related. Enjoying the city, biking, reading and enjoying the food and entertainment running away from my duties as a clan member were my “trouble” maker days. I’ve known from the age of thirteen that the tattoos given to me at that age would give me power like none other. The biggest problem was being unable to control when the tattoos would take over my body.

What Shaped You
The most prominent person in my life is JIAO MU, he is my only father figure and has shaped me into who i am today. My enemies are the enemies of the Triad. Along with one boy who used to compete with me during my scoundrel days. Thankfully due to Jiao Mu I was able to restrict the use of my powers on a personal level, when I was used by the Triads for their dirty work, that was a different story. My trouble aspect is unknown even to myself. I hadn’t made any choices I wanted to… Physically. Morally there are many choices I wanted to make but I am a Triad and my vow forces me to follow orders, especially from my father.

The Story
When told to do a hit on a summer court liaison, Shaozu stakes out the target for many days before pursuing his target, stealthily and quietly everything seems to be going according as planned till the moment the Liaison disappears. Moments later the Liaison appears behind Shaozu…

Guest Star
Three Weeks pass and this Liam character is a strange one indeed, belonging to the Society he goes out of his way to protect the human race, no matter how good or evil they may be what matters to the society is human preservation and what matters to him is following the Society’s values.

A day before the annual peace conference Shaozu passes the information on the “Boogie Man of the Old World” to his customer, a patron of the Fairy court, leaving with a cocked eyebrow and a cackle resounding behind him.

The day of the Annual peace Conference Shaozu makes himself plainly visible to Liam making sure to capture eye contact with him for a brief second before disappearing into the crowd.

Guest Star Redux
Investigating a disturbance on Triad Turf Shaozu comes across a human Sorcerer defending himself against Atlanteans when he spots a familiar face, Strange. Flashes of memory zoom by and without a second thought one of Shaozu’s Ram Tattoo starts glowing…


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