Dresden Files ’13 – Weird Portland

Portland, Oregon, home to bridges, statues, amazing people and Were fishes alike…oh and faeries…oh and don’t forget the Vampires…oh and throw the Triad in there just for good measure…okay, so maybe Portland is just a little weird, but it wouldn’t be Portland without ‘em. Tourists flock every year to come see the crazy side of the west coast in this beautiful city by the ocean. From the famous pizzas carved into the shapes of humans, to the beautiful statue of a bridge troll that’s a little to real sometimes, Portland is a paradise. What’s truly funny though is the people of Portland know they are weird and wouldn’t have it any other way. So stop on in for a good time with the Atlantian Fish People or find yourself a nice drink at the Witch’s Castle Tavern(if you can figure out how to get in) and enjoy our little piece of paradise. I promise you a good time…and you don’t even have to look far!

Dresden Files - Weird Portland

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